Friday, May 1, 2009

Kettlebell bodyweight circuit

This is workout B from the Turbulence Training March Madness program:

Circuit 3x:

KB front squats, 20 x 30lbs
X-tended pushups, 20
KB swings, 20 x 30 lbs
walking lunges, 20 each side
KB snatches, 10 each side x 8 kg
mountain climbers, 20
KB 1-arm swings, 20 each side x 8 kg
close-grip pushups, 20
KB 1-arm rows, 10 each side x 30 lbs
SB leg curls, 20

The snatches felt really good on my right side. Grip's a little funky on the left, though. I think it's the grip that's the problem, anyway. I feel as though the bell isn't moving properly around my hand on that side, so my wrist is getting banged.

I also practiced cleans, trying to work backward from the rack position as per Enter the Kettlebell. I think the problem here is my rack position--can't quite find the sweet spot where my wrist is straight and the bell is resting comfortably. Oh, well. At least I know enough to know what I don't know. Some of it, anyway.