Thursday, May 21, 2009


I know I've posted about this before, but this is a subject near to my heart because as some of you know, my dad has been living with a form of non-Hodgkins lymphoma for almost 10 years now. So anyway, here I go again:

Lift STRONG is a collection of articles, some of them quite lengthy and substantive, from leading fitness experts on a variety of topics. The collection, which is on CD-ROM, retails for $24.99, with all the proceeds going to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. For your money you get over 800 pages of material--some of which admittedly is fluff, but much of which is excellent:

Alwyn Cosgrove - The Cancer Diaries
Adam Campbell - How to spot an expert
Alan Aragon - Nutrition for general health is only as complicated as you make it
Bill Hartman - Training deficiencies for increased strength
Bob youngs - 7 considerations for goal setting
Brain Grasso - Art of coaching
Chad Waterbury - 369 method
Charles Staley - Why I don't want to powerclean
Chris Mohr - Exercise for cancer patients
Chris Sugart - Display adaptability
Craig Ballantyne - Fat loss for busy men & women
Dan Jon - Training programs are great
Dave Tate - Back to the future
Dax Moy - Integrated movement
Doorman - Lifting the training veil
Eric Cressey - Build the athelete
Gray Cook & Brett Jones - Safe Strength
Harry Selkow - Quitting is not so easy
Jack Reape - Frequency
James Smith - Considerations of planning training
Jason C. Brown - Kettlebell Training for Sport
Jason Ferruggia - Optimal vs Reality
Jim - Smitty - Smith -COT
Jimmy smith - Management post breast cancer
Jo DeFranco - NFL linebacker in-season strength program
Joe Dowdell - Recovery & Regeneration
Joe Stankowski - Quest for the golden monkey
John Alvino - Themorgenesis and fat loss
John Berardi - Acid base nutrition
Julia Ladewski - Pre-season basketball training
Keith Scott - Self Assessment
Lee Taft - Olympic style lifting and explosive lifting mini-book
Lori Incledon -Anemia and athletic women
Lori Incledon - Scientific approach to changing body composition
Lou Schuler - you'll always be a busboy
Lyle McDonald - Abbreviated training
Mark Phillipi - Ed Coan program
Michael Stare DC - Fundamentals of optimal spine health
Mike Boyle - The lunge
Mike Mahler - High octane cardio
Mike Mejia - Hard gaining made easy
Mike Roberston - Goal setting
Mike Roussell - The secret
Nick Grantham - Combat circuits
Patrick Beith - Complete 40 yard dash training
Pavel Tsatsouline - RKC ladder
Rachel Cosgrove - Best shape of your life
Robert Dos Remedios - 10 things I see in gyms today
Ryan Lee - Time saving workouts
Steve Shafley - Frugal training
Steven Holt - The routine that worked wonders
Susan Hill - the power to change
TC Luoma - Corn-fed blubber
TC Luoma - Heart of the matter
Todd Hamer - Coaching
Tony Gentilcore - The question
Tony Renolds - Level one workout
Zach Even-Esh - Outdoor fitness

The Rachel Cosgrove article alone is over 80 pages and probably worth $24.99 in itself (except that if you're reading this you're one of my fitness buddies and you probably already know most of what's in there.)

And Alwyn's cancer diaries are incredibly moving. They're the e-mails he sent to friends and family while he was undergoing cancer treatment, and they brought tears to my eyes.

Cancer sucks. But Lift STRONG doesn't. Just order already. It's great information and a great cause and you totally won't be sorry, I promise.