Sunday, May 24, 2009

Last night I dreamed about kettlebell clean and press ladders ...

5 rungs to the ladder, 5 sets.

Woke up and thought about attempting it, but quickly realized I'm not ready for that, not with my 12 kg kettlebell. So instead I did the following:

c&p ladder, 5 rungs
50 swings
c&p ladder, 4 rungs
40 swings
c&p ladder, 3 rungs
30 swings
c&p ladder, 2 rungs
20 swings
c&p ladder, 1 rung
10 swings.

Later I will do TRX conditioning circuit B, the one with the sprinter's start and the pike pendulums. Might try going for a little longer than 30 seconds per exercise, just to see how it goes.

Not sure why I'm writing in incomplete sentences. Too much Twittering, perchance?