Saturday, May 2, 2009

TRX Metabolic Circuit

Thanks, Sandi, for forwarding this little gem to me!

Circuit 3x:
TRX 1-leg squats, 30 sec. each leg
TRX atomic pushups (feet suspended in cradles, arms in pushup position, bring the knees into the chest, then do a pushup. Even more fun than it sounds. Whee. Not.), 30 sec.
TRX body rows, 30 sec.
TRX balance lunges, 30 sec. each leg
TRX side planks, 30 sec. each side

As written, the workout allows 40 seconds transition time between exercises and a full 3 minutes recovery between circuits, but I found I didn't need nearly that long.

If you're curious to see a demo of the exercises, check out John Berardi's blog on the Precision Nutrition website ( Berardi collaborated with Alwyn Cosgrove and Fraser Quelch of FitnessAnywhere to come up with an 8 week experiment measuring weight loss and performance in three different groups, one doing strength training and steady state cardio, one doing strength training and interval cardio, and one doing strength training and TRX conditioning circuits. The above workout is one of the conditioning circuits from Phase 1 of the program. The results of the experiment haven't been published yet, but I think we can guess how the steady-state cardio group will fare :)