Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Strength Workout B

I'm liking these workouts :)

Squats, 1x8x65, 1x8x95, 3x6x135

DB step-ups, 1x6x25's, 2x8x25's

superset: DB overhead press, 1x6x25's, 2x8x25's; chinups, 7, 6, 6

superset: SB jackknife, 3x10; rope cable pulldowns, 3x10x50

Then a little later I taught a fairly challenging cycling workout. I usually do one big endurance drill for the folks who are training for an event, plus some high intensity intervals for the people who are there for general fitness and fat loss. The intervals might be tabata-style, or there's another thing I like to do, where the length of the interval does not change but the rest period gets shorter. That was what we did today: 30 second work intervals, with rest periods dropping from 1 minute to 15 seconds, then going back up to 1 minute, then down to 15 seconds again. The other thing I do is vary the length of the work interval while keeping the rest period constant.

It's even more fun than it sounds, trust me :D