Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Strength Workout B

This will be my last time doing this particular workout. Weeks 5-8 of the Infamous TRX Workout also have two strength workouts per week but they're pretty different: Workout A is all upper body with some very low rep stuff in the beginning (good for maxing out strength gains), while Workout B is all lower body and core. I don't love split routines, but for 4 weeks I can deal.

Today's session went okay. Well, sort of. Another exerciser was using some of the equipment I needed for the workout, and while she let me work in, I couldn't keep my rest periods exact. Since I was starting to run into time constraints I finally ended up subbing in dumbbell cross-body arm extensions for the cable rope pulldowns just so I could get my workout done in time to teach cycling at 12:30

So, the workout:

general joint mobility stuff to warm up and activate my glutes and lower traps, then a couple sets of squats with relatively light weight as a specific warmup.

Then it was down to business:

BB squat, 1x6x145, 2x6x155
DB stepups onto 16" bench, 2x6x30's, 1x8x30's
DB military press, 3x6x25's, supersetted with pullups, 3x6
DB cross-body arm extensions supine on stability ball, 3x10x15, supersetted with stability ball jackknives, 3x10

Then, cycling. I had a new playlist all ready in case the California Supreme Court did the right thing in regard to Prop. 8 (songs you might hear at a gay wedding reception :)), but since they didn't I used one of my other playlists. I should maybe make one that's all protest songs.