Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday workout

It was TRX conditioning workout B, the one with the swimmer's start, deep chest press, 1-arm row, suspended lunges with hip-hinge and touchdown, and pendulums. 30 seconds each exercise (60 seconds on the unilateral exercises), 4 rounds. Again, 40 seconds transition time between exercises was allowed, but I only needed about 15-20 because I'm able to go pretty quickly back and forth between single handle and double handle mode. I also didn't take anywhere near the suggested 3 minutes rest between rounds. Even so, it took me close to 25 minutes to get through all 4 rounds, even though I was only working for 16 of those minutes.

Tomorrow I'll be doing Strength Workout B for the second time, and then it'll be on to Phase 2 of the Infamous TRX Workout. If I know Alwyn ... which of course I don't, except in the sense that I've read a couple of his books and umpteen of his articles, and if I ever met him and his fabulous wife Rachel I'd probably be all tongue-tied and blushing like a schoolgirl with a crush ... Phase 2 will look very similar to Phase 1 in terms of exercise selection, but the rest periods between sets will be shorter, and very possibly there will be a volume change as well.