Monday, May 4, 2009

TRX Conditioning Circuit Workout B

Parameters are the same as for workout A: 30 seconds work, 40 seconds transition time between exercises, 3 rounds, 3 minutes rest between rounds.

The exercises were:

1. sprinter's start
2. deep chest press
3. 1-arm row
4. suspended lunge with touchdown
5. pendulum

Since 3 of the exercises are unilateral, you actually end up working 4 minutes per round. Again I found I didn't need a full 40 seconds to transition between exercises in most cases, so I only took the time I needed and managed to make it through the rounds in just under 6 minutes. I also felt the 3 minutes of rest between rounds was excessive so I only took what I needed before getting on with it.

(Workout Tip Of The Day: Don't be a slave to the program. If you can get 10 reps instead of the prescribed 8, go for it. If you're fully rested and ready to go after 60 seconds, get busy even if the program tells you to wait 90. Likewise, if you need to stop early or take more time between sets, it's far better to do that than risk an injury. Just make a note of what you did, and think about whether you need to adjust your weight selection next workout.)