Sunday, May 17, 2009

Saturday's workout, before I forget

Not surprisingly, I woke up on Saturday morning feeling a bit as though I'd been in a fight. It was pure DOMS--no low back pain or joint whatsoever. So it's all good, except that I do think it affected the quality of my Saturday workout. It was TRX Conditioning Circuit B, the Phase 2 version of which is as follows:

sprinter's start, 30 sec. each side
chest press, 30 sec.
single-arm row, 30 sec. each side
suspended lunge with running arm pattern, 30 sec. each side
pendulum with pike, 30 sec.

3 rounds, 30 sec. rest between exercises, 2 minutes rest between circuits. Theoretically. In practice, I had trouble transitioning seamlessly between sides on the suspended lunges, so I got a bit of an unscheduled rest break there. Not that flailing around like a clutz trying to find my balance so I can start the set is particularly restful, but you know what I mean. I also had a bit of trouble on the second set of pendulums. My feet kept slipping out of the cradles, which isn't usually an issue for me but I guess I was just having a particularly clumsy day. Maybe the DOMS was screwing with my proprioception? It can happen.

I also had a little trouble with my foot placement for some reason. With suspension training it's the vector angle that determines the level of resistance, so if your body position isn't correct it's the equivalent of choosing a weight that's too heavy or too light. Usually I can hit my mark almost instinctively, but yesterday it just wasn't happening. I felt like Goldilocks: feet too far back and the chest press was too hard; too far in and it was too easy.

Ehhh ...whatever. We all have days when things don't quite click during a workout.

Oh, and while I'm on the subject of suspension training, here's a more beginner-level TRX metabolic circuit I put together for a senior client who's actually quite strong and has tons of endurance but also has some stabilization and balance issues:

circuit, 3x:

2-leg squat to parallel, 30 sec.
chest press, 30 sec.
body row, 30 sec.

15-30 sec. to transition between exercises, 1-2 minutes rest between circuits

circuit, 3x:

balance lunge, 20 sec. each side (she did great with these!)
triceps extension, 30 sec.
biceps curl, 30 sec.

Again, 15-30 sec. to transition between exercises, 1-2 minutes rest between circuits

We also did some more targeted core work not involving the TRX. Suspended planks, jackknives and pendulums would probably be a little much for her at this point although I believe they'll be appropriate quite soon :)

With seniors who're a little nervous about the TRX, one of the ways I sell them on it is by pointing out that it's made of parachute material so it's superstrong and can easily bear their weight. So often when people are afraid they'll hurt themselves it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy even when they're more than strong enough to do what I'm asking of them!

Personal training is all about helping people believe they can succeed. Once the mental makeover happens, the physical one is bound to follow!