Saturday, May 23, 2009

Tactical Strength Challenge

It's a three-event strength and conditioning competition. The three events are: powerlifting deadlifts (1 rep max), pullups (max reps), and kettlebell snatches (max reps in 5 minutes). Your combined placement in the three events determines where you place overall; therefore there are no weight classes since some of the events favor the lighter competitors while others favor the bigger folks. Males perform the snatches with a 24 kg kettlebell (16 kg for novices, 32 kg for elite), while women use 16 kg (12 kg for novices).

If I really trained for this I think I could make a respectable showing. It sort of fits with my personal goal of getting RKC certified since the current certification standard for women weighing less than 123.5 lbs is 100 snatches in 5 minutes using 12 kg. (Note to self: do not gain weight.)

I am not a competitive person, but I like having an event to train for, and I really can't see myself doing a physique competition because I don't enjoy bodybuilder-style workouts and I think the dieting would make me miserable. The expense also gives me pause. I've only got so much disposable income, and I'd rather spend it on kettlebell training. It just seems like a much better investment in my personal and professional development, particularly since it won't require me to give up peanut butter and cocktails.