Friday, May 8, 2009

Deadlifts and more!

Today was my second time doing Strength Workout A from the Cosgrove/Quelch/Berardi TRX experiment:

BB deadlift, two light sets to warm up, then, 1x6x135, 1x6x145, 1x6x155

BB front lunge: 3x8 each leg x 75

superset: incline DB press, 3x8x35's; bent-over DB row, 3x8x40's

superset: SB crunches, 3x10; incline DB curls, 3x10x15's

I was very happy with my performance. I used to have to use straps if I wanted to deadlift that much weight for more than a couple reps. I also had no trouble getting the 35's into place for the incline press. In fact, I'm pretty sure that if I'd had a training partner to assist I could've pressed 40's.

After I finished lifting I felt like doing a little cardio, so I did a few intervals on the treadmill: 6x 30 sec. work at 9 mph/60 sec. recovery at 4 mph. I haven't been doing much running lately so I went a little slower during the work periods than I have in the past, but honestly I could've picked it up some. Next time I will :)