Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tuesday: Weights and more!

In addition to teaching my usual Tuesday cycling class I did the following:

Straight sets:

Squats, two sets light to warm up, then: 1x6x135; 2x6x145

DB step-ups, 1x6x35s, 1x8x25's (just wasn't feeling these today)

superset: pullups, 3 x 5-6; DB overhead press: 1x6x30's (too heavy today!), 2x8x25's

superset: SB jackknife, 3x10; cable triceps rope pulldowns, 3x10x50

I sort of feel like doing some kettlebell stuff, but I think it'd be smarter for me to wait until tomorrow. I'm thinking 20 minutes, at the top of every minute do 20 swings or 5 cleans to each side, alternating exercises each minute. Or something like that.