Sunday, May 17, 2009

"Beautiful" Sunday

The name "Beautiful" comes from my RKC-in-training friend Sarah (, and it certainly fits although in all honesty if the naming had been left to me I would have called it somethimg more like Sweat-Inducing Hurlfest. Good stuff, at any rate.

Here's what it was:

one-armed swings, 30 sec. each side
cleans, 30 sec. each side
rack squats, 30 sec. each side
presses, 30 sec. each side

Rest 1 min.

I did 5 rounds of that, using my 12 kg. kettlebell for all 5 rounds. I was able to maintain a pretty steady pace throughout, and I do think I'm seeing some progress in my cleans. No limp-wristedness at any rate, and I also had an insight re: grip. I've been keeping mine relaxed so the bell can swivel around into the rack position, which is sort of what you're supposed to do except that you also need to keep enough control that the bell doesn't swing wide and clonk you on the wrist. It's finding that balance between control and relaxation that's key, and it's what I need to work on.

Actually, that could be a metaphor for my entire life, but that's a whole other topic.